‘Tis the season for allergy problems and it’s in the air! Unfortunately, also in our air conditioning units all over Pinellas County and surrounding Tampa Bay area.

AC units do more than cool us and dehumidify the air; they filter out pollen and help discourage bugs such as cockroaches, which dislike the airflow. Dust mites and mold, too, hate the cool, dry air. To maintain the benefits of your air conditioning unit it needs cleaning and regular maintenance. Whether you have central AC, window or wall-mounted units, the filters must be cleaned frequently both for efficiency and to help prevent mold growth. Some AC units can be equipped with electrostatic filters, which rely on static charges created when air passes through the filters, to help capture certain allergens. Electrostatic filters must be cleaned regularly to maintain their efficiency. If electrostatic filters are unavailable, use regular, or pleated air-conditioning filters, which work just as well as electrostatic filters in removing 95 percent of all allergens. The key is to keep your filters clean. A clean air filter also helps prevent air conditioning repairs.

Couple of tips to try….
• To help reduce the potential of mold growth in air conditioning ducts, try running the unit for 30 minutes after turning off the cooling to help dry out ducts. If you have a recycle switch on your AC, be sure to use it because it recirculates air inside the house. Pollen-allergy sufferers work against their own interest if they continually allow outside air to be pulled inside.
• Another tool that will help rid your home of air pollutants are Ultra Violet lights. These have been used to disinfect and prevent the spread of germs at hospitals, food processing plants, nursing homes and many other areas for decades. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends UV lights as a way to prevent the spread of diseases like flu and tuberculosis. By cleaning the air the UV light reduces odor caused by mold and it will help keep the evaporator coil clean saving you the cost of a professional cleaning. This will also help improve your air conditioning systems efficiency and lower your electric bill. Most homes would benefit upgrading to UV lights, especially those with elderly people, small children and anyone that suffers with allergies or asthma. Let’s not suffer any longer, contact Cool Depot to improve your quality of life!