Summer is almost here and with record breaking heat temperatures right around the corner, waiting until last minute to have your air conditioner serviced may not be the best idea. Getting a technician to come out during their busiest time of the year if your AC goes out may take a while which is why we suggest having your air conditioner maintained twice a year.

Regular servicing of you AC will save you time, money, and lots of headaches in the future. There is some maintenance you can do by yourself such as making sure your filters are always clean, trimming all bushes way from the unit, and ensuring that not a lot of debris can get into your unit from above. You should be changing your filters, depending on what type you have, every couple of months instead of once a year. Sometimes you may have a filter that may need to be changed only once a year so confirm with your technician which one you have and how often you should be changing it. Restricting airflow will put a lot of restriction on the blower motor causing it to prematurely fail and is an expensive fix most of the time.

Spending roughly between $150 to $250 per year to make sure everything is running properly and is cleaned will make all the difference seeing how a new unit will put you out thousands of dollars. Another tip is to trim back bushes if they closely surround your air conditioning unit. If you don’t, the bushes or grasses can greatly reduce airflow and efficiency. Lastly, if your AC unit is under a large oak or Spanish moss tree, you may want to consider getting a screen put over the top of it to stop acorns, moss, and any other debris from getting into your unit and causing any mishaps. You want to make sure if you don’t know how to properly clean the outside of your AC unit that you at least ask an expert. Doing it the wrong way can cause you problems in the future.

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