Is your thermostat blank?

In Pinellas County we run our air conditioning almost all year around, so we know the horrible feeling you get when it starts to get even a little bit warmer in your home. Have you ever gone to the thermostat to lower the temperature and the screen is blank!? AC’s have many components that make this modern comfort work. We hope to give you a few explanations of why these pesky things happen.


One simple answer is that your batteries need to be changed. Time to venture on over to the trusty drawer of everything and look for 2 new AAA or AA batteries for the thermostat! There is a chance this simple solution will get your air conditioning blowing cool again.

**Not all thermostats use batteries to control the AC system, your thermostat may be hardwired directly to the air conditioning unit.  AC thermostats installed like this use a transformer to send voltage to run the thermostat.

Breaker Panel

Another simple one is to check your breaker panel. Make sure all breakers related to the AC are in the correct position. If not, flip the breaker and keep an eye on things; if this is a reoccurring issue its time to hire a licensed professional to come out and take a look.

Safety Switch

For an air conditioner, the problem might be the safety switch installed in the drain pan activating because of an overflow. This is often resolved with AC maintenance; drain line and pan cleaning then releasing of the SS-2 or safety float switch.

Lastly, it could just be a bad thermostat. Our technicians can recommend a variety of digital thermostats; WIFI compatible and app-driven options that can fit your home’s needs. There are several reasons why the thermostat can go blank and it’s not always related to the original problem, so please always hire a licensed and insured contractor to work in your home.