Discover the Comprehensive Care of Our Preventative Maintenance Package

A Suite of 29 Essential Services:
Our Preventative Maintenance Package is meticulously designed to ensure the optimum performance of your systems. Priced at just $195, it includes two thorough tune-ups every year, once every six months. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Burner Assembly Maintenance: Cleaning and adjusting for maximum efficiency.
  2. Refrigerant Level Check: Ensuring optimal refrigerant levels.
  3. Duct Work Inspection: Detecting and sealing any leaks.
  4. Safety Control Testing: Verifying the functionality of safety controls.
  5. Filter Replacement/Cleaning: Managing and maintaining standard filters.
  6. Start-Up Control Tests: Ensuring safe and reliable system startups.
  7. Blower Component Adjustment: Optimizing for effective air distribution.
  8. Breaker Size Assessment: Checking indoor and outdoor breaker sizes.
  9. Filtration System Inspection: Ensuring high air quality.
  10. Air Flow Measurement: Assessing airflow for optimal performance.
  11. Air Temperature Measurement: Monitoring current air temperatures.
  12. Voltage and Amperage Analysis: Evaluating electrical performance.
  13. Pressure Monitoring: Measuring high and low system pressures.
  14. Lubrication of Moving Parts: Reducing wear and tear.
  15. Indoor Coil Inspection: Maintaining crucial system components.
  16. Outdoor Coil Examination: Ensuring outdoor unit efficiency.
  17. UV System Brand Check: Verifying UV system specifications.
  18. UV Bulb Model Identification: Ensuring correct bulb usage.
  19. Electrical Panel Review: Assessing panel brand and size.
  20. Condensate Drain Cleaning: Preventing blockages and maintaining flow.
  21. Electrical Connection Tightening: Ensuring secure and safe connections.
  22. Contactor Pitting Check: Inspecting for early wear signs.
  23. Capacitor Size Verification for Air Handler: Confirming appropriate sizing.
  24. Capacitor Size Verification for Condenser: Ensuring condenser efficiency.
  25. Indoor Motor Size Check: Verifying motor sizes for indoor units.
  26. Outdoor Motor Size Check: Assessing motor sizes for outdoor units.
  27. Ductwork Mastic and Tape Inspection: Ensuring airtight ducts.
  28. Attic Insulation Check: Evaluating insulation for energy efficiency.
  29. Attic Ventilation and Temperature Review: Balancing Attic Climate.

Experience the Difference: Our Preventative Maintenance Package is the key to a consistently comfortable and efficient home environment.