Here at Cool Depot we care about the overall quality of your air. We know that in order to have good quality air, you need a quality air conditioner. That is why we chose to be a distributor of Daikin.

Founded in 1924, Daikin Industries is known to be a global leader in the commercial and residential air conditioning market. With over ninety years of experience in the air conditioning business, they have helped pave the air conditioner’s history as well as perfected it. Our company, Cool Depot, LLC only wants to provide quality products to our customers and with a global company with sales soaring over 10 billion; you can believe they are well established at providing a quality product. This is why we stand behind them and choose to distribute their air conditioners. When working in a residential or commercial setting, we have the customer’s best interest at heart and try to provide low prices for our services as well as our products.

Daikin’s commercial air conditioners are well known throughout multiple countries and make up about forty percent of the Japanese commercial air conditioning market. Their commercial air conditioning units are widely used in a lot of shopping centers, restaurants, business offices, etc. Daikin’s residential air conditioners have become increasingly popular over the recent years. They allow complete control of your indoor environment, from the typical heating and cooling to humidity control functions. They offer a full range of products that utilize a unique type of heat pump. They are able to produce the ideal balance of fresh air, temperature, and humidity for each space, whether commercial or residential, in all four season. You can be sure your quality Daikin air conditioning system will last year after year.

It’s important to remember after buying your new Daikin system to keep up with preventive maintenance on your air conditioning unit. By keeping your unit in good operating condition, you could be saving your money by not only increasing your unit’s life span but also increasing the systems energy efficiency. Regular maintenance decreases common repairs as well throughout the life of the air conditioning system. The experts at Cool Depot recommend doing maintenance on your air conditioning system no matter if it’s a newer or older system to ensure its longevity. Regardless of whom the manufacturer is, preventative maintenance needs to be done to it. If you want to keep the quality of your new Daikin going, make a reminder in your calendar to call your local Cool Depot technician to schedule your air conditioner’s preventative maintenance today!