Our exclusive Filter Service offers you time and money back into your wallet. Designed to leave the worries of finding the right filter at your local big box store, easily saving you time, gas and money.

Filter Service includes:

  • Delivery to your home
  • Free price comparison
  • Instructions to maintain filter.
  • Peace of mind!

You don’t have to keep track of when to change your filter.
Simply by answering a few questions and by supplying their current filter with size, we were able to save the customer the equivalent of 2 FREE filters per year.

Not sure what type of filter to use or have a question?
Call us today (727) 388-2808 and see how many filters a year we can save you!

TIPS: Changing your Air Conditioning filter should be an essential part of home maintenance. It keeps your expensive equipment running smoothly and helps safeguard the health of your loved ones.

How often should you replace your filter, though? That depends on your air conditioner, the type of filter and your family’s needs.

Read about the different filters and see what is the correct one for your system.


FILTERS, What is the right type? Click here to read more